Pinterest, changing one non-crafty person at a time.

I have mentioned in the past that I am not the craftiest of souls.  I’ve accepted that long ago and recognize that I have other skills and talents.

However, lately I’ve been toying with the idea that perhaps I am ‘almost’ crafty.  Not completely crafty but not the barren wasteland of non-craftiness I had originally considered myself.

And I have Pinterest to blame.

For those of you who have better things to do with your life than stare at a computer screen for hours on end, let me tell you Pinterest.

It is freaking awesome.

Basically it is an online site where you can collect visual images of whatever you want.  You can also arrange and organize them according to their theme on something called a ‘board.’  I have boards about cooking, books, canning, gardening, decorating, humorous things, and craft ideas.

Yes, craft ideas.  If you are feeling faint with shock please sit down and lower your head between your knees.

Whenever I want (and I often want) I can click on a picture of something I have ‘pinned’ at find the directions for a recipe or a gardening procedure.  Or a craft project.

Having all this information at one’s fingertips gives one a heady feeling of confidence.  Intelligence.  Bravery.  This is a dangerous feeling.  It is also a liberating feeling.

Pinterest makes me feel like I could do almost anything.

Last week I made a Paula Dean recipe that I found on Pinterest.  It was a howling success.  I have also made a sausage and white bean stew, a creamed corn casserole, a tasty beef and tortilla skillet dinner, broccoli cheese soup, and 7-up biscuits.  (In full disclosure they were Sprite biscuits and they were DELICIOUS.)

Through the glorious miracle that is Pinterest, I have done more than just cook fabulous recipes.  I made a Halloween craft.  (Remember shock-like feelings=head between your knees.)  Wanna see it?

Little ghosties made out of canning jars.  (Oh canning jars, is there nothing you can’t do?)  Aren’t they craftastic?

So.  The moral of the story tonight gentle readers is…..get an account on Pinterest.  You won’t regret it.  Except for the nights you stay up until 1:00 a.m. because you just. can’t. stop.  And even then you won’t regret it until the next morning when you have to get up after only five hours of sleep.  At that point you will regret it.


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7 Responses to Pinterest, changing one non-crafty person at a time.

  1. K Harker says:

    I love/hate Pintrest! It is a wonderful time water, yes indeed. I think I love it for the fact that there are so many awesome ideas but I hate that I waste so much time on it. I also hate that I have yet to do any of the things I “Pinned” to do. So maybe if I start accomplishing these things I’ll love/love it. CUTE Ghosties by the way! You are SO crafty 😉

  2. I totally agree! I love Pinterest. I’m so glad you’ve discovered it. I’ll have to look at your boards and copy all your good ideas. It took me awhile before I started pinning my own ideas I found online. I spent all my time repinning other people’s pins. What an awesome concept it is!

  3. jen says:

    a howling ca-sess indeed.

  4. You’re welcome. And I’m sorry.

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