A small smattering of thanksgiving.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving , I’d like to take a few minutes and wax lyrical about a few small things that I typically take for granted.  Just bear with me, I’m trying to cultivate a whole ‘attitude of gratitude’ for a couple of weeks instead of heading straight into consumer Christmas season, dang it.

1- I love that my microwave has a single button I can press to run it for 30 seconds.  Instead of hitting three separate buttons I only hit one!  Now that’s progress.  It makes me feel like Jane Jetson, but with better hair.  I even hum the Jetson cartoon theme song whenever I run the microwave.  Now I just need a blue robot wearing an apron….

2-  I’m grateful for Oingo Boingo.  What would Halloween be without Dead Man’s Party or No One Lives Forever?  I’ll tell you, it would become a cold, sterile holiday with no soul.  Just cavities.  Viva Oingo Boingo!

3-  I’m thankful that eight years ago I convinced my husband to purchase a comfy brown chair that quickly became a stained, beat up, and well-loved brown chair.   This brown chair is the center of my children’s universe when it comes to cuddling, sleeping, or reading.

4- I’m grateful for loofahs in the shower.  Not only do they allow me to exfoliate, but I don’t have near the laundry load I would have if we all used washcloths.  And whenever you can cut down on laundry AND upgrade your personal hygiene?  That’s a win-win situation baby.  Plus, by letting my daughters use a loofah, I help them feel grown-up without actually letting them grow up.  And that is called ninja mothering, which is a post for another day.

5-  I’m grateful my daughters don’t have long hair.  Because then I’d actually have to…..coif it.  You know, braid it or twist it or arrange it in some fancy way and I have no hair dressing skills.  My best friend in junior high could actually french braid her own hair and twenty-four years later I am still amazed and dumbfounded at her hairstyling skills.  Anything beyond a barrette or simple pony tail bogles my mind.  So I am thankful for offspring with short hair.

6-  Popcorn.  I am extremely full of thanksgiving over popcorn.  They are tiny little kernels with gigantic flavor.  Popcorn is cheap, digestively healthy (full of fiber if you know what I mean, wink wink, nudge, nudge), and easy to make.  I scream, you scream, we all scream for popcorn.

7-  I am grateful beyond words for that little squiggly red line that appears underneath the words I spell wrong on the computer.  Without that red line of correctness I would publish posts riddled with spelling errors causing all twenty-two of you who read my blog to exclaim in horror, “She’s a horrible speller!  And she homeschools her children?  CHILD ABUSE.”  And then I’d have to deal with child protective services.  But, you see with that handy-dandy little red line I can fix my misspelled words and leave you with the mistaken impression that I am intelligent.

8-  I will forever be thankful for fluffy, fat, grouchy cats that snore while they sleep on your lap.  Because a life without snoring kitties is not a life I want to live.

"Hey, can you stop with all the typing? Some of us only got 20 hours of sleep today."


What small things are you grateful for this November?

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4 Responses to A small smattering of thanksgiving.

  1. Woodstockgurl says:

    Warm dry shoes in a snowstorm, the fact that my car starts EVERY morning without fail, and the way my husband has a happy dance for everything from a fresh pot of coffee to the UPS delivery truck. By the way, I still think you’re smart.

  2. I’m thankful for snooze buttons, the entire month of November, and for those (very few) moments when I have the dishwasher entirely empty.

    I think you’re beyond smart.

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