Peyton Manning, the Greek goddess Athena, and a bumblebee walk into a bar….

Happy Halloween my peeps!  You can just smell all the sugar and high fructose corn syrup in the air.

In the spirit of the holiday, I am posting the obligatory pictures of my children dressed up.  (After all, they are the three cutest children alive and I wouldn’t want to deny you the opportunity.)

Feel free to leave gushing compliments concerning my offspring in the comments.

As I type this my two oldest children (a.k.a Peyton Manning and Athena) are off gallivanting with their friends while the youngest is going through a fairly intense sugar detox program.  Evidently admitting you have a problem is not the hardest step.  Prying the candy from a tightly clenched fist is.

Oh and by the way, if your bumblebee ever looks like this:

Or this:

Or this:

They, too, may have a sugar problem.  Knowledge is power my friends.

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