It never rains but it pours….

Pretty much, my family has used my lack of mobility as a rallying cry to fall apart into small pieces around me.  It’s as if they are saying, “Okay Mom, we’re all going to be miserable and sick with you.  Solidarity in pain!

My son and youngest daughter have caught a cold that makes their noses run like a faucet during the day and cough like a three pack a day smoker at night.  They also have to get up every two hours during the sleeping hours and come cough on me, so I think we all know what I’ll be doing in a few days.

My oldest daughter, never content to follow the crowd, found the only patch of poison ivy in a three mile radius (which, conveniently, happens to be in our backyard.)  Evidently she is highly allergic to the poison ivy as her entire face has swollen up four sizes.

We have her on a pretty steady diet of benedryl, koolaid, and pain reliever and it seems to be helping.  She looked a lot worse yesterday.  Honestly.

My husband is frantically trying to keep his grip on reality as he runs around administering to his family and passing out more drugs than a corner pharmacy.  He has also learned how to make tomato sauce, since the tomato plants decided to have one last hurrah before the cold weather ends their cycle of reproduction and I couldn’t bear to throw them away.

So, pretty much, you could say the Bunkers are down.  And not in a good way.

Carry on all you healthier and ambulatory people, and maybe share some piece of good news with me in the comments to take my mind off our troubles.

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5 Responses to It never rains but it pours….

  1. Sheesh!! I’m sorry you’ve had such a crazy week. And your poor big girl. 😦

    The best news I have is that my baby girl DID NOT have to be admitted to the hospital last night after going all lethargic on me and not wanting to eat, on top of her jaundice, YAY!!!! My sleep deprived, hormonal post partum self has done a lot of crying lately. 🙂

  2. Misty Whitaker Nielson says:

    I’m so sorry ya’ll have been so sick! I have that same cough – going on about 5 weeks. ugh. I never caught how you got hurt. Here’s good news: your exercising has inspired me and I got up and worked out this morning and feel great!!!

  3. Woodstockgurl says:

    Sweet mother-may-I!! What on earth are is going on over there? Sincere wishes for all of you to get healthy/mended/unswollen as soon as possible. And sending calming waves of goodness to your wonderful husband, who must surely be in need of a nap.

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