When a non-crafty mom homeschools.

I am not crafty in the slightest.  Common garden slugs have more artistic talent than I do.  And I’m mostly okay with this.  Occasionally when I see some other woman create a gorgeous MacGyver-type centerpiece out of  three twigs, four citrus fruits, and some leaves, I feel a little pang.  And I will admit a little jealousy towards those females capable of making birthday cakes that don’t resemble mammary glands.

No, this is not a boobie cake, it is supposed to be the number 8 cake.

Mostly though, I’ve embraced my non-craftiness and so has my family.

The trouble is, as a homeschooling parent, I am in charge of my children’s art education.  <Gulp.>  Fortunately for my sanity, SAT’s do not include a section on papier-mache, origami, or other art projects.  However, I have an 8 year old girl who is into the whole artsy-crafty movement, and I have a 9 year old son who deserves a chance to explore whatever artsy depths he may have hidden deep inside.

So.  There is some considerable pressure to provide my offspring with craft time.

Last Friday, I threw caution to the wind and we made cardboard galaxies to go along with our outer space unit that we are studying.

I admit that I am partial, but I think they turned out brilliantly.

I will also admit that upon completing this project, I was consumed by a euphoric, slightly intoxicated state.  My kids kept asking me, somewhat suspiciously, “What do you keep smiling?”

Additionally, I will admit that this project so exhausted me, that I was unable to scrub a single bathroom, even though they desperately needed a good cleaning.  I just laid on the couch, grinning idiotically, until my husband came home.

Finally, I will admit that when the youngest picked up her project to show her father, I started singing, “She’s got the whole Milky Way galaxy, in her hands, She’s got the whole Milky Way galaxy, in her hands…”

I was the only one who laughed.  And I laughed so hard, I snorted.

Art, it’s good for the soul.  (But bad for my bathrooms and my sense of decorum.)

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2 Responses to When a non-crafty mom homeschools.

  1. I have recently discovered a website called “Pinterest” on which you can pin on virtual bulletin boards other people’s magnificent ideas. I love to craft; however, I must steel everyone else’s great ideas. I have been finding lots of cute crafty things that I will probably use in my children’s school class parties this year around the holidays. If you’d like to get on pinterest.com and find me, you can copy the same ideas that I’m copying!

    Best of luck, especially if you’re kids have got the crafting bug!
    Christy Barnson

  2. Another great site(I really like pinterest too) is favecrafts.com
    It has tons of free instructions and bajillions of ideas. (They also have a sewing site, but we’ll leave that for another lesson…)

    Good luck with the projects! And remember, she who lets her kids paint is a strong and brave woman!

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