In a pickle.

I love cucumbers.  They are beautiful, delicious, multi-faceted, and just a bit…sexy.  I mean, just look at them.

They’re gorgeous.

Every year as I plan my gardens, I go through a huge dilemma about what gets planted.  It’s like a vegetable ‘Sophie’s Choice.’  Some years I grow cucumbers in my garden, but they do take up lots of room, so they don’t always make the cut.

This year due to my infatuation with all things tomato, cucumbers were not invited to propagate on my property.  There was some mourning after making this decision, but life’s all about making hard choices.

After a lovely visit to a local farm market though, my life was filled with joy and cucumbers again.  They were selling huge baskets full of cucumbers for $9.00.  That’s half a bushel, approximately 80 cucumbers, for rock bottom prices.  How could I resist?

You ever wonder what half a bushel of cucumbers look like?

What did I do with all these cucumbers?  Well, when a farmer hands you a half bushel of cucumbers obviously you make pickles!  (And when I say pickles, of course I’m talking about dill, because any other kind is just wrong.  Don’t argue with me.)

From 80 cucumbers I made 26 jars of pickles, a year’s supply for my family.

It was cheap, easy, and only required a minimal amount of cursing.

Now I recognize that not everyone are pickle people.  I don’t understand it (how can someone not love pickles?), but I know it happens occasionally.  So here is a recipe that will use up six cucumbers in a most delicious way.

I call it Tzatziki Salad.

6 cucumbers (I peel half the cucumber, so I don’t have all the skin) chopped into large bite size pieces

1/2 a container of plain greek yogurt

1/4 cup of feta cheese (if you loooove feta, which you should, feel free to add more.)

2 tablespoons lemon juice

salt and pepper

Take your cucumber bites and sprinkle them liberally with salt (I may not be liberal in my politics, but I am in my seasoning.)  Put them in the fridge for 20 or 30 minutes.  The salt will cause the cucumbers to release part of their water.  Drain this and then your cucumbers are ready to go.

Mix the greek yogurt, a pinch of pepper, lemon juice, feta cheese and cucumbers together.

Smile in anticipation.

Taste and then add any additional pepper or salt.

Gobble it up before anyone can take any pictures, because it is that delicious.

Now go my young vegetable apprentices, and ingest some cucumber calories right away.


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7 Responses to In a pickle.

  1. Natalie says:

    That was a delightful post! All these years I had no idea about your mad canning skillz.

  2. My daughter has been wanting to make pickles. (In case she doesn’t keep me busy enough.) Her 15 year old brain loves to learn new things and try new recipes. Making pickles is new to me and I have never tried it because my mom’s pickles are too strong. YUCK! I agree with you that dill is the only way to go. Maybe you could share your pickle recipe with me! Then I can have some mommy daughter time and she can have plenty of pickles on hand to feed her pickle loving boyfriend when he stops by for a visit (since she’s not old enough to date, that’s the only option). I will share your pickle salad recipe with my daughter, Sara. I think she’ll love it!

    You are truly amazing in every way!
    Christy Barnson

    • bunkersdown says:

      I simply use one of those dill pickle mixes. Mrs. Wages is my favorite, but almost any will do. You mix it with the specified amounts of vinegar and water and VOILA! You have dill pickles. I don’t add any additional garlic, dill, etc. because it makes it much too strong for me. Usually the pickles have to sit for two or three weeks before you should eat them. Also, putting the jar in the fridge for a few hours to chill before eating makes the pickles a bit more crisp. That’s everything I know about pickles in a nutshell.

  3. Looks good and the salad recipe sounds tasty too. I will have to find myself a good farmer’s market!! In all of my free time lol! There’s always next year:(

  4. Woodstockgurl says:

    Gorgeous! Our cukes didn’t cooperate last year so I made pickles with baby pumpkin and squash slices with onions and fresh dill. They were indescribably delicious and easy. I’ve got the wicked good recipe if anyone wants it. The cost is one jar of finished product 🙂

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