Our last, first day of preschool. Another reminder I am old as dirt.

Today is my youngest child’s first day of preschool.  A fact that she reminded me of at 6:45 a.m. this morning while it was still dark outside.

“Momma!” she said, patting my cheeks so I would wake up fully.  “Give me some advice about school!”

“Well….” I struggled to put together some coherent thoughts.

“I know some,” she interrupted, “Be Great and Smart!”

“That is always good advice, definitely,” I agreed “but also have some fun today.”

I got dressed and we compromised on an outfit for her first day.  (Ms. Lisa, believe me, it could have been so much worse.)  I made her breakfast, consisting of an egg and two links of sausage.  Then together we made her lunch.  Rather I made her lunch, while the four year old offered running commentary (not entirely positive) on my nutritional choices.

She then tried on several pairs of shoes until she found the right ones (thanks to a generous cousin the four year old owns more shoes than the rest of our family put together.)   Of course she chose pink shoes, with sparkles.  She maintained that the sparkles will help her learn better.

Then the four year old grabbed my hand, “Tell me about the bathrooms!”

I responded reassuringly, “They do not have automatic toilets at this preschool.”

She stared at me for a few minutes trying to decide if I knew what I was talking about.

I tried again, “I swear on your Dora the Explorer lunchbox that there are no automatic toilets at your preschool.”

The four year old nodded her agreement that this was acceptable.

Then we went outside to document this momentous occasion for posterity’s sake.

"Good hell woman! How many pictures are you going to take? I'm going to a preschool four miles away, not the Congo!"

Oh blessed beautiful trinity of small girls everywhere, you better keep this baby safe on her first day of being a big kid.

Oh my baby girl, you are already Great and Smart.  Have a fun day.

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5 Responses to Our last, first day of preschool. Another reminder I am old as dirt.

  1. Natalie says:

    Awwww, cutest story and pictures EVER!!

  2. photogrl30 says:

    She is adorable!! My daughter started kindergarten this year too!! She was so excited.
    YAY for kindergarten!!

  3. Brittany says:

    Sparkles DO help you learn better! Smart girl 🙂
    I hope she had a fantastic first day.

  4. Woodstockgurl says:

    Hooray for sparkles. You go, big girl!! Do I detect a tiny tear in Mama’s voice?

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