Fowl days and unicorn days.

There are days when my children fight and squabble like a like a gaggle of geese.  They peck and hiss at each other, until someone breaks down into tears.  There are really hard days when I am the one who cries.  On these days the house seems messier, the children seem louder, and problems seem bigger.

But then there are days like this.

There are the days when everything is sparkly rainbows and unicorns.  My children remember that they love each and need one another.  I remember I can compliment and speak softly.  These are the days when blessings abound and laughter is heard everywhere.

Guess which days I like best?

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2 Responses to Fowl days and unicorn days.

  1. Tiffany says:

    Dude. My days are ALWAYS unicorn days. If they don’t start out as unicorn days I MAKE them unicorn days by having ice cream for lunch and reading your blog. Or making salt-sa or climb-een mou-ains or bee-een super ri-chous (if you can read this sentence, you are fluent in utah mormon women speak and I commend you). I only have fowl days when Ami Bunkers are silent on the internets.

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