My Firstborn (tomato, that is, of 2011)

I’m proud to introduce to you to our first ripe tomato of the season.

"HI. My name's Ted."

I must state for the record that there is something magical about holding a just picked tomato that is warm from the sun in the palm of your hand.  It feels alive.  It smells divine.   And you know it’s going to be delicious.

I decided to make one of my favorite summer side dishes with my first tomato.  It’s simple but so tasty.  So very, very tasty.

"Hello. My name is Corn-Tomato Relish with Cilantro."

I took three ears of leftover cooked corn on the cob and cut the kernals right of the cob (I am pleased to report I achieved this without a trip to the E.R. to reattach an appendage.)

I then chopped the large tomato into bite sized pieces and put it (with any juices) in the bowl with the corn.  If my tomato wasn’t huge, I’d probably need to use two medium ones or three smallish ones.

Next I took some cilantro, chopped it, and added it to the corn and tomato mixture.  The amount you use is up to you.  If you are a cilantro addict (this is where I raise my hand) then chop up a bunch.  If it doesn’t really rock your world (a concept that is completely foreign to me) then you don’t need so much.  I typically only use 1/3 of the bunch of cilantro that I buy from the grocery store (next year I am so growing my own.)  I then have lots of cilantro leftover for other culinary projects.  (That sounds so fancy and Martha Stewartesque, I crack myself up.)

The secret ingredient in my house is the onion (it’s secret because my children claim not to like onion.  Those Philistines.)  If you are Philistine free at your house and can add onion willy-nilly to any and all dishes, then you can use a few green onions. They add a nice flavor.  If you want to be visually fancy you could finely chop up a small red onion, because that would taste good AND be so pretty.  Or, if you are blessed with three opinionated anti-onion children, then you grab a small yellow or white onion, chop it as fine as you possibly can when the children aren’t looking, and add it to the mixture very secretly.

Finally you’ll need about three or four tablespoons of lime juice.  Or, if you don’t have any on hand like me, just use lemon juice.  It won’t be as wonderfully delicious as the lime, but it’s still really, really good.  Even if you use the bottled lemon juice instead of juicing an actual lemon.  (Ms. Stewart doesn’t have to know.)

Add salt and pepper to taste and VOILA!  You have a fresh, delicious, and healthy side dish, perfect for any summer party.  Or, you could feed your Philistine children mac and cheese and save this for yourself as you watch Grey’s Anatomy reruns late at night while your spouse is working late.  I’m not saying that’s what I did………

"How you doin'?"

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2 Responses to My Firstborn (tomato, that is, of 2011)

  1. Missy says:

    Looks yummy! Will have to try it! I too use secret onions!!

  2. Sarah Enz says:

    Yum. Can I have some????

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