Popsicle Palooza

On our summer fun list, my kids decided they wanted to make popsicles.  Not just any popsicles, but cool popsicles.  I did not realize there was such a thing as uncool popsicles, but evidently there are.

So first thing we did was buy ourselves some popsicle molds.

I found these molds at our Kroger grocery store for fairly cheap.  (The grinning boy who thinks he can speak parsel-tongue is not included.)

Next we picked out some fruit.  I went for whatever was on sale and cheap.  Because that’s how I roll.  We got some blueberries and


We also bought some strawberries and bananas, because I had a coupon and the strawberries were free.  Have I ever mentioned my deep and unwavering love for coupons?  Because it is so deep.  And very unwavering.

We then placed the fruit inside the blender with a few tablespoons of vanilla yogurt.  You could do plain yogurt, but why I ask you?

After blending we poured the puree into the molds and put on the tops.  The four year old truly believed she was helping.

That is not the description I would use to describe her during the whole popsicle making process.  But this was not about me, it was about the kids and their Summer Fun List.  So let’s move on.

We froze the popsicles overnight and the next day we enjoyed frozen treats worthy of Martha Stewart.  Notice how they look like the fancy gourmet fruit bars you can buy if you take out a second mortgage on your house.

Mango popsicles are delicious.  Pure, unadulterated, frozen bliss.  (On a plastic stick.)

Strawberry banana popsicles are so good they might make you cry big tears of gastronomical delight.  And when you factor in that each popsicle only cost about $.15 because of the strawberry coupon, well, there is just no word to describe the wonderfulness of it all.

And the blueberry popsicles?  Anti-oxidents never tasted so very, very good.

The popsicle making was so fun and easy, and delicious, that I’m pretty sure we’re going to continue making them throughout the summer.  You know what thought just occurred to me?  Peaches and raspberries are coming into season soon…..  And now, because I’ve watched Bolt! too many times to count, inside my head there is a little hamster voice say, “Let it begin!  Let it begin! LET IT BEGIN!”


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2 Responses to Popsicle Palooza

  1. Zoe says:


  2. Misty Whitaker Nielson says:

    You are so much fun to read!!!! ha ha ha! love it and yes! I’ll take some of the popsicles, as well.

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