We survived the wild turkeys.


Our second annual family camping trip to Clifty Falls State Park was a howling success.  This year I only forgot to pack the butter, syrup, and eggs, which is  better than last year when I forgot the deodorant.

This year we brought the children’s bikes with us.

Which, I must say, was a brilliant idea.  The older two kids rode throughout the campgrounds, while the youngest (thanks in part to unlimited lemonade)….

mostly rode her bike to the bathrooms.

We also enjoyed the following:

Smores.  I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to camp and not make smores.  And we are nothing, if not law abiding folks.

Killer humidity.  Between the humidity, rain, and general dampness my oldest daughter’s hair went from curly to bouffant worthy in about twenty two minutes.

Awesome playgrounds tucked away in the most amazing scenery.

And did I mention the scenery?

My 8 year old tried to describe the State Park, “Well…there are lots of waterfalls.  And they’re clifty……”

While camping we did run into the wild turkeys.

And you all thought I was paranoid.  Fortunately, none of them appeared rabid, nor did they charge our mini-van.  Whew!  I definitely feel like we dodged a bullet.

All in all, camping was a lovely, damp, fun, tiring, dirty, happy affair.  Just like I had hoped.  In fact, it was so great I may be up for it again in about 355 days.

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6 Responses to We survived the wild turkeys.

  1. Absolutely beautiful scenery!!! I’m so glad you shared your photos. Your daughter’s hair is gorgeous! Humidity does her hair good, she’s very lucky. I remember dealing with the humidity through high school and it was horrible.


  2. Kristin H. says:

    Yay for non-rabid wild turkeys! Glad you survived it! That place looks beautiful! I need to know where it is so we can take the kids there before we leave.

  3. whitney says:

    “Law-abiding citizens” Pffft! Until the pigs come in!

  4. Rosie says:

    Your pics were so good. They captured the good times the kids were having as well as the beautiful setting. Dad was jealous when he saw the turkey pic.

    • bunkersdown says:

      I knew Dad would like that. We also saw a deer on the side of the road, but I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture. Peter and I both thought that Dad would have liked that.

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