Book of the week II

This week has been a little slim on the book front.  Between hospital visits and attempting to maintain the facade of cleanliness at my house (yet utterly failing all the while) I haven’t had the chance to enjoy many books.  Plus, I must shamefully confess that when I’m stressed I play lots of Frontierville on Facebook.  Don’t judge people, it’s mean.

I have read a few books but they have mainly been concerned with raising pigs or encouraging literacy among preschoolers.  Not exactly crowd pleasers (although I am a solid believer in a good hog book.)  However, while at one of my favorite places on earth (Half Price Books) I located a previous favorite, Elsewhere, by Gabrielle Zevin.   The best news of all, gentle readers, is that is was on clearance for a dollar.  SCORE!

Elsewhere is generally considered  “teen” fiction.   We do not hold with age discrimination or segregation or any other division according to the number of candles on someone’s cake over here at Bunkersdown.   A good book is a good book is a good book.  And Elsewhere is most assuredly a good book.

Elsewhere begins at what is normally considered the end of a book:  the death of the main character, Elizabeth Hall.  What then follows is the most creative and intriguing novel about the afterlife I have ever read.  (And I’ve read a few, my friends.)

A few disclaimers please.  You will cry.  It’s partly about death and loss, so be prepared.  You will also laugh because it is also about starting over, accepting fate, and talking dogs.  (Just go with it and embrace the crazy- trust me, you’ll like it.)

One final disclaimer.   Parts Two and Three aren’t as spectacular as Part One.  However, they are still decent and Part One is so exceptional that the reading euphoria will carry over into the less exceptional parts.

So, here you have it, my  book recommendation for this week.  Happy reading everyone!

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