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The little things.

Thursday morning I took Trinity to her pediatrician because I was convinced my daughter had strep throat.  Her belly was upset, she threw up, her throat hurt, and she had a good sized temperature. I was wrong.  Which only goes … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Himalayas!

I feel like the signs have been here for a while, but I’ve chosen to ignore them.  My ten year old daughter is grumpy, so what?  Everyone gets grumpy.  And moody.  And cries for no logical reason at all. It … Continue reading

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Ladies. All the ladies.

This weekend, my son and husband went off on a Boy Scout camping trip.  They left early on Thursday and didn’t stumble into the house, completely filthy and exhausted, until late Saturday afternoon. So that left Trinity, Eden, and I … Continue reading

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What if.

We pull open the heavy doors to the downtown Indianapolis Natatorium, early for once.   For the next two weeks, Will and Trinity will have swim practices here, in this professional pool. As we enter, both kids stop, transfixed by … Continue reading

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Best use of my time.

I quickly pour pancake batter on the griddle.  Making a huge batch of pancakes to freeze for future breakfasts is the fourth item (out of twenty-five million) I have on my to do list. As they cook, I step over … Continue reading

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Parenting decisions at two in the morning.

One night, when Trinity was four, she woke up unable to talk and barely able to breath. At the end of my life, when I review all my parenting moments, that will go down as one of the scariest. We … Continue reading

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It’s valium season. Again.

We set the trampoline up last week.  The children rejoiced heartily, while I, despite my outward signs of acquiescence, began my internal freak-out. In my head, I know that with rules and supervision, the trampoline is a relatively safe contraption. … Continue reading

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